Modern hand quilting: An introduction

So I HAVE started my first hand quilting project, but I’ll save that to talk about in more detail another day. I wanted to pull together some of the links and information I’ve come across in my searching/researching, both so that I can refer to them, and also in the hope that it might be a useful resource for anyone else who might be interested.



I first came across hand quilting via Anna Maria Horner’s Wholecloth Quilt class on Craftsy. She talks a bit about materials, and the technique she uses, before walking through an entire wholecloth baby quilt project (improvising by following the outline of a printed fabric).



Sarah’s book Hand Quilting With Love caught my eye in my local quilt store, and also her youtube video on hand quilting with perle cotton.



I was excited to find out that Carolyn Friedlander also hand quilts – I love her aesthetic. One of her most useful posts about it is this one about materials, but she has a number of other posts, tagged with ‘big stitch quilting’.



Jen not only hand quilts but also hand pieces, which blew my mind when I heard her discussing it on a podcast. And yet – how did I think quilts were put together prior to sewing machines being widespread?? I have considered heirloom quilts in a whole new light since then.

I haven’t found a place where Jen comprehensively discusses her tools and techniques, but this link might be the best.



Half the problem of trying to learn something new is to work out what other people call it, so you can find it via Google. I was searching for ‘hand quilting’, but this term also encompasses very traditional (i.e. tiny, tiny stitch) hand quilting, not at all what I was after. The terminology ‘big stitch quilting’ has been a lot more fruitful, even if I don’t find the name very appealing. A few more links I am yet to follow up:

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